I Say Organic: Your One Stop Shop for all Things Natural, Pure and Healthy

If you are someone who is always on the lookout for products that are natural, chemical free and have been sustainably produced and responsibly sourced, look no further than I Say Organic. A social enterprise that believes in the philosophy of giving customers healthy and safe products while protecting the interests of the farmers who grow it, I Say Organic retails a treasure trove of organic products that spell purity and goodness.

Products from I Say Organic

Vast Range

I Say Organic has a whole range of products right from fresh fruits and vegetables, whole foods like rice, poha, cooking oils and ghee to healthy snacks, dry fruits, seeds, snacks and beverages. All products are grown using farming methods which do not use of any kind of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified seeds (GMOs), preservatives and additives. They are certified as such under the National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) or the Participatory Guarantee System for India (PGS-India).

Products from I Say Organic

I Say Organic has a model where they partner with producer companies and farmers who practice organic farming and connect them with customers who want to buy organic and sustainably produced products. With over 300 products on offer, the enterprise has a network of over 100 farmers and sources products from almost 13 states. So, siting at home one has access to the choicest of products. Whether it is sweet lime and pomegranate from Maharashtra, apples from Kinnaur or bajra and foxtail millet from Uttarakhand, I Say Organic offers only the best to its customers.

Great Experience

I had the opportunity to try some products of I Say Organic and I must say it has been a very pleasant experience. Given that I am an advocate of healthy eating and a fan of wholesome salads, I ordered ingredients like peanuts, sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds which are perfect for garnishing. The sunflower seeds had a good crunch and the pumpkin seeds seemed so fresh that I could just eat them on the go! Garnishing them on my salad enhanced both the taste and nutrient quotient.

Sunflower seeds from I Say Organic
Pumpkin seeds from I Say Organic

The flax seeds are ideal for my all time favourite flax seed chutney powder while the roasted peanuts are sure to enhance my flavoured rice.

Peanuts from I Say Organic

I also ordered virgin coconut oil which was clear and colourless reflecting its purity.

Coconut Oil from I Say Organic

While I am waiting to try the makhana (fox nuts) and the whole foods like the green moong and chickpeas, snacks like the onion crackers and ragi amaranthus nachos have surely been impressive. Pair them with yoghurt based dips or hummus and you have the best of both worlds: taste and health!

Whole foods from I Say Organic

Well Organized and Efficient

The entire site is extremely easy to navigate and the whole experience of shopping is seamless and hassle free. It is key to note that all the brands are carefully selected and chosen by the team at I Say Organic who have categorized them as:
** Certified Organic: if the brand has all its certifications in place
** Sustainable and Chemical Free: The brand either uses organic ingredients or chemical-free ingredients to create their product. However, is not certified.

Products from I Say Organic

The delivery system is top notch too with updates at every stage of the process. Apart from shopping for yourself, you can give the gift of health and purity to your loved ones by choosing their combo and gift hampers.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out I Say Organic today and enjoy the goodness of organic products for yourself and your near and dear ones.

6 thoughts on “I Say Organic: Your One Stop Shop for all Things Natural, Pure and Healthy

  1. Nice article…. we have great respect on all organically products…. so we tried to grow organic products in our farms…. we grow best papaya and mangos organically….. our papaya was top most quality each weighing between 1kg to 5 kg and mallika mangos 500gms to 600 gms each… we were very happy about the best taste… best yield… best quality… but when we came to sell this in all organic stores… all told they want papayas small size like 500 grams only and mangos 300 gms size…and they need just 50kgs per week… they told no one purchase big size papayas or mangos …. we were shocked and disappointed…then we sold whole organically grown full trucks of fruits in wholesale market at normal fruit rate…. we learnt a biggest lesson of organic farming

    Sometimes best efforts and best products won’t fetch u best profits!!!

    Now we have good organic mallika mangos… how can we can send u …..

    1. Oh wow, so nice to know…So where is your farm, I would love to visit:) Oh so disappointing that you had to give it away at low rates, maybe if you can tell the location, I can suggest where you could retail them? And the mallika mangoes sound lovely! Do share your number / email we can connect. Thanks as always for reading.

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