Home Decor: Five Winter Decorating Ideas for your Home

It is that time of the year when temperatures are dipping and it time to bring out those woollen sweaters and leather jackets. Winter is arguably one of the best seasons of the year and the perfect one to stay home with friends and family. While it maybe cold and snowy outside, make sure that the interiors of your home stay warm and cozy; making it just right for you to curl up in a corner with a mug of hot chocolate! Here are five easy ways to style your home this winter and welcome the snug, comfy vibes.

Winter Decor Essentials

Winter Colour Palette: Usher in the seasonal changes by incorporating hues synonymous with winter. From frosty whites to warm browns and icy blues to sage green, these colours induce a comforting ambience. Replete with green plants, candles and warm textures, they are sure to make your abode a snug haven that you just want to snuggle and nestle in.

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Tactile Textures: From warm woollen throws to linen cushions and jute rugs to velvet furnishings, winters are all about layering and bringing in a sense of warmth, both literally and figuratively. Use plenty of organic materials that tend to be feel not only great on the skin but are friendly for the environment too.

Pic courtesy: Eris Home
Pic courtesy: Kaniry

Elevate your Lighting: Lighting not only adds visual interest to any space but also lends a unique character to the room. Whether it is floor lamps, pendant lamps or ambient lighting, there are several ways to enhance the aesthetics of your space using lamps. For starters, go warm with your light bulbs as yellow lights give a glow that is reminiscent of light from the fireplace. Illuminate nooks and corners with table and floor lamps and never underestimate the shimmer provided by candles.

Pic courtesy: Kaniry
Pic courtesy: Kaniry
Pic courtesy: Kaniry

Natural Elements: From using mini logs of wood to pine cones, try to incorporate natural materials and organic elements for a vibe that screams solace and familiarity. When in doubt, use green indoor plants as they not only elevate aesthetics but also help purify the air within. Needless to mention they lend an effortlessly relaxed look making the space look pleasant and charming.

Pic courtesy: Kaniry
Plants for your home this winter

Winter Accessories: Last but not the least, winter is intrinsically associated with Christmas and do not forget to add those little accessories on your mantel to bring in the holiday cheer. Twinkling fairy lights, wreaths and those utterly adorable Nordic houses are just the ideal finishing touches for your winter decor!

Nordic Houses

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