Home Improvement: Get Your Kitchen Diwali Ready

It is that time of the year again, when all of India and a large population abroad gets ready to welcome the festival of lights aka Diwali.  Also called Deepawali, it is arguably the most popular festival in the Hindu calendar and one that celebrates the victory of good over evil.  Observed for a period of five days, the festival is all about worshipping Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth and prosperity), feasting on delectable food including speciality sweets, shopping for gifts and new clothes, having fun with crackers and most importantly lighting a whole lot of lamps or diyas.  Intrinsic to the festive preparations is the ritual of cleaning and giving your home a sparkling new look.  And when it comes to giving your home a makeover, there is no better place to start with than the heart of your abode, the kitchen. Here are some kitchen decor tips for the festive season.

Pic credit: Chalk Studio
Pic credit: Chalk Studio

Decluttering and Deep Cleaning

Organization in key in Decluttering

The first step in getting your kitchen Diwali ready is to start with deep cleaning.  Look out for items you do not need or use, things that are broken or damaged and anything that you may have in excess.  Extra cookware, cutlery or containers that are cracked or broken are just some of the items you can safely discard.   Organize the remaining items carefully, sorting them into their respective drawers, boxes and shelves.  The fridge is a key space to review and eliminate things that you do not need.  Weeding out unwanted stuff and discarding the old and damaged is one way of warding off negative energy and brining in positive vibes. 

Pic credit: K Viraaj
Pic credit: K Viraaj

The next step is to deep clean surfaces like shelves, counter tops as well as gadgets like your grinder, blender, stove top and chimney.  Baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice and a light soap solution are ideal cleaning agents.  Once things are neat and tidy, you can focus on the improving the look and feel and aesthetics of your space.

Bright Colours

Nothing screams Diwali than vibrant colours which usher in festive vibes quite like none other.  If you have the budget and the time, consider adding a pop of colour to your back splash with colourful tiles.  This is sure to add visual interest into your space, making it look brighter and better!  Lend your walls a new lease of life by giving them a fresh coat of paint.  If your space is small, use lighter shades like ivory, sea shell, beige or even buttery yellow.   If your kitchen is large, you can consider painting one wall or part of it in a darker, contrasting shade.  In case painting is not feasible, wall paper is a good idea as it less messy and faster.

Well, panting or decorating your kitchen wall you may also consider relocation to get the best view for visitors. Another better idea is to go for wall to door transformation with professional services. This can completely change your kitchen look while managing a new entrance.

Bright colours invite positive vibes

Light Up Your Space

Diwali décor is incomplete without lights and light fixtures.  There are a wide variety of lights that are now easily available which can lend an exquisite look to your kitchen.  Consider installing new pendant lights or even a mini chandelier to bring on those celebratory vibes.   Replace your under-cabinet lights with bright LEDs to make your space look airier.   Diwali is incomplete without the quintessential fairy lights and you can place them over your open shelves, under the cabinets. run them over the wainscoting and even around the window frame for a cozy yet chic look.  From cute star string lights to mini lanterns and bulbs, the options are endless.  Further, if you cannot hang them, just bundle them into mason jars and place them on the cabinets or on the open shelves and you have a statement accessory ready!  Diyas on the window sill is again a great idea to infuse Diwali feels.

Accessories Galore

There are plenty of ways to add a festive touch to your kitchen using DIYs and other accessories.  Make a decorative to do wall board replete with decorative borders and colourful motifs.  Consider wall plates with ethnic prints or even quirky sign boards to infuse a creative twist to your interiors.  Deck up your kitchen window with upholstery like valances in linen, silk, sheer or textured fabric.  Use fresh flowers to accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Bold colours and festive patterns like florals and paisley are apt for the festive season.  Bring out those brass urlis and float rose petals or jasmine buds in them.  Place them on the breakfast counter for an elegant look.   Vases with bunches of long stalked lilies, gerbera and even birds of paradise can be placed in the corners to create the perfect festive ambience.  Do not forget to bring out your special tableware and table linen for the occasion. 

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