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Postcards from Marthalen: A Fairytale Village near Zurich

There is no denying the fact that Switzerland is replete with quaint towns and fairy tale villages that exude oodles of old world charm. Marthalen located in close proximity to Zurich is one such pretty town that known for its well preserved townscape. This region is also known as the green lung of the canton of Zurich given that it is watered by two rivers – the Rhine and Thur. It is also the largest wine-producing region in the canton of Zurich. Here are some captures from the picturesque town.

Marthalen town
A perfect fairy tale setting in Marthalen

Dating to as early as 858 AD, the village is known for its well-preserved half-timbered houses which are similar to the ones found in Stein am Rhein.

Half-timbered houses in Marthalen

The window facades and garden decor of the town serve some serious decor goals and is a great source of inspiration in case you are a fan of interior decor or a decor enthusiast.

Outdoor decor in Marthalen

Situated close to Marthalen is the scenic town of Rheinau which is located at the bend of river Rhine.

Inside Rheinau town

Apart from a beautiful walkway by the river and a bridge, the town is famous for the Rheinau Abbey (Kloster Rheinau) which is yet another famous Benedictine monastery in Switzerland.

Inside Rheinau town
A view of Rheinau Monastery Church

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