Velvet in Home Decor: A Touch of Luxury and Style

Think velvet and the mind immediately conjures images of all things luxurious and regal.  A plush fabric known for its soft and smooth texture and often vibrant colours, velvet is a great idea to add colour, grace and texture to any space.  “It is a fabric with a subtle sheen and can be effectively used to add an element of elegance and sophistication to any space.  It has a graceful drape, which makes it ideal for curtains, upholstery and clothing” says Neha Jhunjhunwala, Founder, Onset Homes. Further, the fabric is versatile making it suitable for a plethora of décor styles whether, traditional, minimalistic, boho chic, earthy chic or even mid century modern.  It offers a deep, rich look and creates an impact quite like none other.  Further, since it is an essentially durable fabric which is both family and pet friendly, it offers a luxurious look over a period of time. 

Pic credit: Onset Homes
Pic credit: Onset Homes

Suitable for all Seasons

While velvet is normally associated with winters and the colder seasons, it is a fabric that works well for the spring-summer season as well.  “Look for velvet that is lightweight and choose to use them in pastel hues” adds Jhunjhunwala.  Further, lighter hued velvet reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it and thus helps keep the space cooler.  It is always recommended to choose muted and neutral hues for warmer seasons.  Last but not the least, it is better to use velvet in smaller accents like throw pillows, cushions, accent chairs etc.  This adds a touch of glamour without overwhelming the space.  So, here are five ways to give your home a glamourous makeover with velvet this season.

Pic credit Quirk Studio (2)
Pic credit Quirk Studio

Accent furniture

Enhance the look of your living room by incorporating velvet in a statement piece of furniture.  This could be an armchair or an ottoman or even a pouf.  These pieces act as a focal point making them a conversation starter.  Use colours like powder blue, bubble-gum pink or even grey.  Ochre and mustard are also good ideas.  In case the overall colour scheme of your space is muted and you want to break the monotony by giving the room a bold look, try deep jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green.  Velvet again is a fabric that is tactile and goes well with different shapes of furniture. So, if you want to give your living room bench a makeover, velvet fits in perfectly!

Pic credit_Elysium Abodes LLP
Pic credit_Elysium Abodes LLP


Velvet drapes are ideal if you want to add an elegant and cozy touch to your abode. “Choose rich hues or even patterned velvet for added visual interest” says Jhunjhunwala.  If a room is particularly bright and you want to curtail some of that blazing sun from coming in, use velvet drapes to cocoon yourself from the outside world.  An idea that works well for spaces like a study or home library. 

space_Pic courtesy_RSDA
Pic courtesy_RSDA

Throw pillows and cushions

If you want to infuse a pop of colour and a touch of vibrance without being over the top, add in some velvet accents in the form of throw pillows, cushions or even a rug to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.  Place them on your couch or chairs; they add texture and depth while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Pic credit: Onset Homes
Pic credit: Onset Homes

Elevate your bedroom appeal

If you want to bring in a sense of opulence to your bedroom, incorporate a velvet headboard for a touch of luxury and comfort in the bedroom. Neutral tones like grey or beige work well for an understated yet graceful look.  In case a headboard is not feasible consider adding in a velvet throw blanket or a even a footstool for a dash of glam.

Dining space transformation

Upholster dining chairs in velvet fabric to bring in a unique personality to the space. “Opt for complementary colours that accentuate the overall theme or go for bold contrasts” adds Jhunjhunwala.  They are perfect if you entertain often and are extremely comfortable for guests. 

According to Jhunjhunwala, combining velvet with other textures such as silk, linen or leather creates a visually appealing and balanced look. Further, mixing textures adds depth and dimension to any space.  A key trend is to pair velvet with natural materials like wood, rattan or jute. This combination creates a unique yet organic look.    Velvet also pairs beautifully with metallic accents like gold, brass, or copper. Hence, consider incorporating metallic elements in furniture legs, decorative accessories, or lighting fixtures to create a sophisticated and chic look.  Using velvet as a wall covering is also gaining popularity.

Pic credit: Onset Homes
Pic credit: Onset Homes

This article was originally published in Seema Magazine.

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