Elements of Festive Decor: Gold Accents for your Home

Associated with auspiciousness, wealth, prosperity and understated sophistication, the flamboyance of gold is undeniable.  The metal with a distinct timeless appeal has been a symbol of opulence and fortune since time immemorial.  Its brilliant colour is known to dispel darkness and its hue is often compared with the radiance of the sun. 

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A sacred colour, gold is intrinsically associated with celebrations and festivities.  With the festive season round the corner, this is the perfect time to give your house a “gold” upgrade by incorporating gold accents to your space to give it the celebratory glow. 

Pic credit_Paushika Gupta
Pic credit_Paushika Gupta

A complex colour with vibrant and rich undertones, a touch of gold can uplift and elevate the aesthetic quotient of any space almost effortlessly. Place a brass finished urli in the corners or at the entrance of your home decked with fresh flowers, water and floating candles to usher in the positive vibes.  One can even opt for traditional pieces like brass lamps and statues to layer your spaces with grandiose.

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Candle stands, frames with gold accents and even artefacts like table lamps, clocks, vases, artwork and other small artisanal decor pieces with a hint of gold can do wonders to elevate the look and feel of your room.

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Frame your precious memories using dull or rose gold photo frames which again is an ideal way to give your walls a festive look. Add in some sheen to your dining table with serve ware and tableware with gold trims can be the perfect embellishment for the festive season.

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The key to making gold look elegant rather than over the top is balance.  A big gold piece can look great but at times a small elegant accent can be a conversation starter. Pick things that complement one another and spread the colour evenly, rather than concentrating all in one place. Ensure it blends with the personality of your ambience and your intrinsic décor style.  Position them strategically for that radiant and uplifting effect. Pairing lamps, lanterns and candles in a corner or on the centre table is always a good idea. 

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