Five Easy and Effective Ways to keep your home Pest Free

It is often said that happiness is a clean house….well this is true for a house that is neat, clutter free and devoid of pests and rodents ensures a feeling of peace and calm.  And when speaking of pests, it is important to note that they come in all shapes and sizes, from relatively large rodents to tiny flying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes.  All of them present a threat, whether it is directly at you through their ability to carry diseases, or against your home as they chew through the supporting wooden structures, damaging the house in the process.

Happiness is a clean and clutter free home
Happiness is a clean and clutter free home

If you have a pest issue then you definitely need your local pest control experts to help you create a plan that will eliminate them and prevent further damage.  Of course, it is more effective to prevent them from invading your home in the first place. Fortunately, this is possible just by following some simple pre-emptive measures:

Contact pest control

While this seems obvious, it is not something you need to do after you discover a problem. If you call your local pest control firm now and explain to them that you are looking to take some preventative measures, they will be happy to visit your home and evaluate suitable measures.  This means checking for gaps around windows and doors where pests could enter and ensuring there are no active issues.  You will find that more often than not, they are very good at letting you know what pests you should be protecting your home from as they have the necessary local knowledge.

Clean up

Decluttering your home and maintaining it neat and tidy will help to keep pests out.  Dispose unnecessary stuff and maintain minimum storage for this the latter is a haven for pests.  Also, wash dishes as soon as they are finished with, putting food away in sealed containers, wiping down all the work surfaces properly, and using a bin with a lid.  No food waste means no food supply for pests, they will head to a different home!

Declutter your home
Declutter your home

Remove Stagnant water

Pests, like humans, need shelter, food, and water.  Look for and remove, any source of standing water.  This means pet bowls, gutters and odd dips where water can collect.  You also need to check inside your home to ensure there are no leaks, allowing damp conditions to be created somewhere. Visually check all your pipes and turn all your water off. Also, if you have fresh flowers and plants in water, ensure you change the water regularly to keep away tiny flies and insects.

Change the water of your fresh flowers and plants
Change the water of your fresh flowers and plants

Remove Plants growing close to the walls

Any plants or trees that are close to the walls of your home could be giving pests an access point, especially to the void in your loft which is usually easier to get to.  Chop back trees and bushes near your home and consider removing the plants next to your house walls. Consider having a grill wall or a separator so that plants do not grow directly along the surface of the walls.

Keep your plants away from the surface of the wall
Keep your plants away from the surface of the wall

Set Traps

Mesh on the windows and doors will keep many pests out but, it is worth having a trap or two to catch any pests that do get through.  You can purchase fly traps and mouse traps or even make your own.  This will help you to evaluate whether you currently have an issue or not.

A healthy home is a happy home!

Following these simple steps will ensure that you have a clean, happy and most importantly healthy house!

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