Guest post: 5 easy and quick ways to give your Living Room a new look

Spending some quality time with your loved ones on a lazy spring afternoon is one of life’s choicest blessings, isn’t it? It surely is! That’s why home décor experts strongly recommend decorating your living room to a level that should display maximum levels of comfort and luxury at the same time.

Filling up the living room with unnecessary stuff and overrated furnishing items might make it look more congested. Therefore; take care of the fact that you may not end up making your living room look gaudier if you are willing to give it a perfect décor this year.


The living room is a place in your home where you can make maximum modifications as living rooms are generally more spacious and therefore can occupy more decorative items. However, the choice of the things that it should be having depends totally on the available options and obviously your budget.

Want to give your living room a good makeover? Check out these 5 affordable ways to make your living room look new and classy.

Sofa Sets:

No living room is complete without having a perfect sofa set as the main furnishing item in it. These days leather sofas are very much in trend and have become immensely popular over the recent years. Since they provide ample amount of comfort level; leather sofas are preferred as the main sitting item in the living room followed by small seaters and cushions.


Cushion Sets: 

If you want your living room to look more vibrant and funky at the same time; try adding some colorful cushion sets to it and see how they transform the entire ambience so effortlessly. You can even add customized cushion sets, animal and floral prints to further enhance the beauty of your overall rooms’ décor. Moreover, cushions give your living room a more homely atmosphere.



Give your living room that extra edge of freshness by adding some beautiful succulent and potted plants to its décor.  Moreover, you can always go for beautiful flowery vases standing in the corners of your living room so that it has a pleasant ambience and you would feel much more relaxed and at peace while you are sitting in it.



The basic accessories of a beautiful living room include electronics, book rack stacked with your favorite thrillers and books that you love, the musical instrument that you love to play and all the stuff that is close to your heart.


However, you got to maintain the rule of less is more so that you may not feel suffocated while sitting in it.

Lighting Equipment:

Good lighting accessories in your living room can dramatically change its look.  Consider adding table lamps to your living room décor, corner standing lamps near the windows or reading lamps placed near your study table. If you are a fan of the royal look go ahead and add a chandelier as well.


 Author Bio:  This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at

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  1. I completely agree with you regarding your views on the growing trend of adding greenery in living rooms…bonsais..varieties of bamboo trees..give that cutting edge to the room aesthetics…

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