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A colorful fun-filled afternoon: #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet

Indiblogger meets have always been one of those events I eagerly look forward to attending.  These meets are not only a great platform for brands but for bloggers as well.  While it is a forum where you obtain a whole lot of information and perspectives about products, services and organizations, it is also one where you get to meet fellow bloggers in person.  Meeting bloggers with whom you follow, interact, chat with virtually is a wonderful experience to say the least.  The best part, again, is that you meet new bloggers each time and make new friends.  

The latest meet in Bangalore was held in association with India’s second largest paint company, Berger Paints on 10-Dec at the Lalit Ashok.  Like all other Indiblogger meets, this one too did not disappoint.  The event was literally a riot of colors and was packed with some enjoyable activities.



After a sumptuous lunch and some invigorating warm up games, it was time for the team at Berger to introduce their latest innovation which is a unique end-to-end painting solution called Express Painting.  Established way back in the UK in 1760 and operational in India since 1923, Berger has been one of the fastest growing paint companies, quarter on quarter, for the past few years.   The main reasons for this are constant innovation, a customer-centric focus coupled with the company’s commitment for producing both contemporary and responsible products.


Painting equal to Procrastination?

For most of us painting is synonymous with procrastination.  It is a task we generally tend to avoid though at times it is an absolute necessity.  I, for one, cringe each time I think of the mess it creates in the house, the hassle of moving furniture, the after math cleaning and the endless delays and haggling with the painters.  I’d rather not get into the exercise than repenting later!

Express Painting

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Express Painting is one such offering by Berger that promises to say goodbye to the ‘traditional painting woes’ and make the experience hassle free and enjoyable.  As their tag line goes “Faster, Cleaner and Better“, this service aims to add the much needed convenience factor to the whole exercise of painting and is a first of sorts by any paint company.

Executed by skilled and trained personnel using automatic and state of the art tools, Express Painting is 40% faster than traditional painting. Tools like the airless paint sprayer, auto-roller and sanding machines ensure that the finish is smoother and more efficient while leaving the house dust free! World class customer service coupled with the fact that Express painting is truly cost effective makes it nothing short of a revolution in the world of painting.

To know more details on how you can use Express painting to your advantage, you can either call on 1800 103 6030 which is toll free or simply SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

A new perspective to painting

Berger had organized a couple of really interesting, hands on activities that were not only entertaining but also helped us gain a whole new perspective to the exercise of painting. The first activity was scrubbing and smoothening wherein we were divided into groups and handed over sand paper, gloves, a mask and a cap. Frantically scrubbing the board amidst all the dust it emitted made us realize the hard work behind painting and the fact that preparation of the surface is the key to a good end result.


They also provided us an insight into the world of strainers, mixing and creating new shades and palettes.  After a brief demo, each team had the chance to create a painting in accordance with the themes given.  We had loads of fun creating a truly colorful collage in line with the theme “Colors of India”


For a change, we loved getting our hands dirty for both these activities!

All in all, it was an afternoon of learning, creativity and enjoyment.  A big thanks to Indiblogger and Berger for organizing yet another memorable meet!

Image source: IB FB page


25 thoughts on “A colorful fun-filled afternoon: #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet

  1. Rashmi…looks like you had loads of fun, had to miss out on this one due to work as NAAC review team is visiting..loved the complete minute by minute account of the meet with a true dash of colour!
    Was our old gang present?

  2. “….Although I loved reading the post, I fail to see what’s in it for bloggers….”.

    Well ask this old man who has missed one free lunch and at my age I don’t get many.
    Surely I am going to miss and regret for the rest of my life…..!!

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