Dampness: “Fix it” now and enjoy freedom of a life time

With rains lashing most parts of the country now, it is that time of the year where the initial euphoria and excitement associated with the rains has worn off and many of us want the downpours to ease a bit to allow for freedom from all the seepage and dampness all around. And what best time than Independence day to take a pledge for freedom from dampness for a cleaner, healthier and happier home, neighbourhood and society?

Come monsoons and increases the problems of water leakage, seeping and dampness in homes.  That said, it is not limited to only the rainy season and can occur at any time due to a varied number of reasons.  However, this can be prevented with a little bit of care and precaution which can go a long way in making your home a beautiful place to live in.  Your efforts can not only rectify your house but also prevent damage many a time in your neighbors’ which is so important for harmonious living.

A little bit of care can ensure perfect building maintenance
A little bit of care can ensure perfect building maintenance

The first step in preventing dampness around the house is to identify the source of seepage and leakages within.  Dampness always occurs due leakages, condensation and high moisture content in the house.  Dampness in turn leads to the growth of moulds on the walls that surface as ugly black spots giving rise to the health concerns.  It also creates patches on the walls that are definitely not very pleasant looking making an otherwise well kept house unkempt and untidy.  Hence it is important to take measures to prevent leaks, improve heating and insulation and provide proper ventilation as it will ensure a house free from dampness and mould growth. 

Precaution can ensure perfect walls
White walls can remain pristine white with some amount of precaution

Here are some effective tips to prevent leaks and water seepage:

  • Ensure that you check your terrace at regular intervals even though you may not live on the top floor.  Inspect the place for cracked tiles, plant growth, clogged pipes and separation gaps.  Drains need to clear to prevent stagnant water and grouting needs to be regularly done for filling up cracks and gaps.
  • Cracks and plant growth in the common walls also need to be inspected as this is a common source of leak and dampness in the houses.
  • Bathrooms are yet another space that potentially lead to a large amount of water leakage if the tiles, faucets and pipes are not checked at regular intervals.  Damaged plumbing, worn out grouts and leaking taps need to be fixed at the earliest to prevent further damage.
  • Other important areas to be inspected include basements, air conditioning ducts and other low lying areas.  Water stagnation needs to be avoided here to ensure minimum seepage.

Some other key aspects in reducing dampness include:

  • Improving ventilation in the house especially in areas like the kitchen and bathroom is important as it ensures that moisture laden air escapes before it actually condenses.  Exhaust fans and humidifiers can go a long way in improving air circulation and reducing moisture content in the house.
Ample ventilation and sunlight can do wonders
  • Other small but significant measures include pulling away furniture and cupboards from walls to allow for air circulation, opening windows while cooking and not drying clothes inside.
Always a good idea to have centrally placed furniture
Always a good idea to have centrally placed furniture

When the problem is deep rooted it is time to seek professional help.  This may range from re-plastering, installing a proper Damp Proof course (DPC) and repainting the affected area.  There are a number of good quality paints and water proofing solutions available in the market that can be effectively used to combat seepage.

Dr. Fixit:

One such product available, whose results I have personally seen, is Dr. Fixit from the house of Pidilite.  A product of the construction chemicals division, Dr. Fixit is an extremely popular and effective water proofing solutions product.

In fact, the product portfolio at Pidilite is truly holistic and includes exterior coatings, sealants, concrete admixtures, floorings and grouts thereby offering a complete package of construction solutions.  Equally effective and successful in both old and new constructions, Dr Fixit is soon becoming the “go to” brand for all water proofing problems.

Apart from their world class products, the company backed by a superior, state of the art R&D centre that supports the organizations’ unstinting efforts in imparting knowledge and empowering customers.  Initiatives like the Dr. Fixit Experience Centre which is a skill development centre in Kochi and Chennai and Dr. Fixit institute that is a not-for-profit organization in Mumbai help in propagating the message of “Healthy Construction” on a continuous basis.

Therefore, the most value from Dr. Fixit is their applicator services.  Spread across 12 cities in India, they comprise a team of highly skilled technical experts who are able to identify the root cause of the issues, help in diagnosis and recommend the right solutions.  Their hands on experience and ability to get to the bottom of complex issues like structural problems make Dr Fixit a most trusted brand in the country and a true “Waterproofing Ka Doctor”.

Why otherwise will Mr. Bachchan also vouch for it? Watch him, the Waterproofing ka Doctor in this amazing new ad by Dr. Fixit.

Gain Freedom and make your home feel healthy and happy. Do check out some more tips and solutions here.

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  1. That’s a great post Rashmi! It is indeed a very common problem in India. This will help people understand the problem areas and take the necessary steps accordingly. Indeed very well explained!

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