Upcycling idea: Old Door to Corner stand

This is a quick post on yet another upcycling home project of mine.  Unfortunately, I just have one “before” picture as I did this make over quite sometime ago.

The pair of old narrow doors had a square grill pattern that seemed to work perfectly for a corner stand.



 Most fascinated by the ‘squares’ in them,  I decided to join the two doors in a “V” shape so that it would fit in any corner of the room.  The worn out edges on the top and bottom were chopped off and smoothened to give it a new ‘even’ look.

While the carpenter did a great job, the painter did better.   The old paint was scraped off as much as possible and then coated with uniformly with putty several times over to give it a really smooth finish.  It was then painted a nice bright white.  I got lots of hooks placed on the sides and at the bottom of each ‘section’ for hanging various kinds of knick knacks.

It now adorns a corner in room making it look really cheery and colorful.

IMG-20160112-WA0001 (2)

10 thoughts on “Upcycling idea: Old Door to Corner stand

  1. Loved the corner stand …. creative reuse in a true sense… Thanks to Reema for sharing your blog … 🙂

  2. I liked all your up cycling projects. Glad that you get such craftsmen who give life to your ideas and design. This corner stand is very beautiful and creative.

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