Danone Greek Style Plain Yoghurt: The healthy swap

I was recently invited to Danone India’s bloggers meet and since the theme was “the healthy swap“, I was definitely looking forward.  Held at the lovely Mediterranean restaurant, Fava at UB city, it was an educative, informative and fun-filled afternoon.


Danone unveiled its Greek style plain yoghurt amidst insightful sessions by Shefali Sapra, Director Public Affairs & Corporate Communications and Dr. Madhavi Marathe, Sr. Manager (Nutrition and R & D) at Danone.  With an interactive cooking session by Chef Abhijit Saha in the end, it was indeed an afternoon well spent.


Unhealthy snacking can be replaced with healthy swapping

Surveys conducted in India reveal that snacks are fast replacing meals and at least 67% of urban India consumes snacks instead of breakfast and 56% are replacing dinner and lunch with snacks.  It is, therefore,  little surprise that as much as 46% of the population suffers from nutritional deficiencies like lack of adequate amounts of protein, vitamin and more importantly iron.  These are indeed alarming figures.

With busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, there is a definite shift in the traditional meal structures with more and more occasions for snacking emerging during the day.  What we could definitely do here is to swap commonly used snacks like samosas, chat etc with idlis, museli or even sprouts.


Yoghurt: the ultimate snack

Loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins and calcium, it is not an understatement to say that yoghurt is nutrient dense.  A source of B12, riboflavin and healthy bacteria, yoghurt is good for the digestive system.   Last but not the least, it is simple and natural which makes things uncomplicated.  So whether you mix it with sprouts, salads, granola or cut fruits, yoghurt is definitely a healthier snack option.


Danone’s range of Greek and fruit yoghurts

Greek Yoghurt by Danone is thicker and creamier than your favourite traditional yoghurt. An unbeatable combination of low fat, 87% more protein, and fruit pieces, it is your answer to a healthy snack. Made with all natural ingredients and no added artificial colour or flavour, it is available in fun-filled flavours – Blueberry & Mango.  The plain version of the Greek style yoghurt is all the more better as it has no added sugar apart from being low fat.


Apart from Greek yoghurt, Danone set yoghurt range contains good bacteria that helps with digestion. Available in 80gm packs, it is completely devoid of artificial colour and flavour, it is available in Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, Vanilla flavors.   With a host of ways to combine them with your daily meal, Danone yoghurt is definitely a great way to opt for the healthy swap by replacing fatty, oily snacks with yoghurt.

Culinary creations with Danone yoghurt

The very talented chef Abhijit Saha showed us a number of ways by which Danone’s plain Greek yoghurt can be used effectively instead of unhealthy options like fatty sour cream, mayonnaise or even cream cheese.  His demo included a healthy smoothie replete with spirulina, alfa alfa and flax seeds amongst a host of super foods,  beetroot carpaccio and a mango ginger explosion.




He also prepared a healthy soup and a lip smacking dessert in the end.  Needless to say, the food was delectable.



So, what are you waiting for? It is time to grab your cup of Danone Greek Style plain yoghurt and make the healthier choice.

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