LLADRÓ: handmade porcelain creations par excellence

Given my love for artefacts and souvenirs, visiting the Lladró store in the swanky UB city was truly a delight.  The renowned Spanish brand is the epitome of luxury, prestige and exemplary craftsmanship and focuses on high end handcrafted porcelain objects.  Founded in 1953 by three brothers, Juan, José and Vicente the pieces display cutting-edge design and rank high on functionality.


Focusing on objects that symbolize family values, joy and happiness, the pieces in the store were exclusive and with a level of detailing that was just stunning.


Every Lladró masterpiece is made in the brand’s factory in Valencia known as City of Porcelain which one of the top tourist attractions in Spain clocking over 15,000 visitors a year.


The brand recently launched its limited edition Lord Shiva figurine. The master piece creation has given life to the God of meditation through the 720 pieces available world wide.

Speaking about the new collection, Nikhil Lamba, COO, Lladro, India said, “We are delighted to announce the new collection of Lord Shiva figurine during the festive season. The collection comes with Lladró’s most famous creations of porcelain with soft coloring and smooth finishes. Symbolism and craftsmanship are combined in this High Porcelain piece that is a true gem in itself.”

Lord Shiva from Lladro.

Lord Shiva back

The brand also introduced its exquisite collection of Goddess Sri Lakshmi figurine that is crafted in gloss porcelain, bright colors and varied glazes.  The staggering level of detail in Her garland of lotus flowers and the lotus flower buds in Her hand is just remarkable.

Nikhil Lamba, COO, Lladro India says, “The exclusive collection portrays Sri Lakshmi, the Goddess of abundance and good luck in most creative and beautiful manner.  This is the first open series Sri Lakshmi presented by the brand after selling out the limited series and High Porcelain versions. India is a big market for us and we will continue to explore new creative paths while bringing out the true potential of our creativity and craftsmanship.”

Sri Lakshmi2

Lladró also has the Ram Darbar and Goddess Saraswati in its ‘Spirit of India’ collection.



Lladró also offers lighting solutions, gifting options apart from its wide selection of sculptures of angels, nature, relationships, love, festivals etc.

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  1. Excellent porcelain handmade pieces. It is worthwhile to visit the stores. Better to keep at least one or two items at home. Thanks for having brought out this article.

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