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The state of many colors: Rajasthan, on my wishlist

Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning: Gloria Steinem

As the above quote conveys, it is always important to pursue your passions.  Ultimately, having a dream in the first place and working towards making it come true is the essence of life.  For me, believing in the beauty of your dreams is the first step in realizing them.  And just like many of us, travel is one of the many passions I have.  I aspire and dream to visit diverse destinations and more so of curated experiences that are restricted not only to travel but also encompass food, art, culture.

One such place on my list is the colorful Indian state of Rajasthan.  Synonymous with palaces, lakes, forts, royalty, elephants, delectable cuisine and friendly people, the state offers a range of myriad experiences like none other.

DSCN4933  DSCN4547

Whether it is the lakes and lake palace of Udaipur, bustling markets of Jaipur, the tigers of Ranthambore or the camels of Bikaner, the state has a lot to offer to every kind of traveler.  The unique havelis and forts of Jaisalmer which is the gateway to the famous Thar desert promises to be one unique experience for sure.  Similarly, Pushkar which is one of India’s oldest cities is home to some of the most unique temples including the Brahma temple which is only one of its kind in the world!




The state is home to one of the most renowned national parks of the country, the Ranthambore National park.  Best known for its tiger population, the park being one of the largest in India boasts of a wide range of flora and fauna that includes some of the largest banyan trees,  leopards, striped hyena and the sloth bear.  With a tent as an abode in the midst of wilderness and in the lap of nature is one of my long cherished dreams.



Exploring the art and culture of the vibrant state promises to be a yet another exhilarating experience.  Variegated bazaars of bangles, bandini textiles and blue pottery are just some of the many markets I would love to explore.



Song and dance which is integral to the life of the people of the state is something I would not miss.



Coupled with sampling the mouth watering cuisine that includes the famous dal batti churma, bikaneri bhujia, bajre ki roti (millet bread) and Lashun ki chutney (hot garlic paste),  a trip to the state is definitely the stuff dreams are made of!



I hope to visit Rajasthan soon.  As the famous quote goes:

Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Khalil Gibran

21 thoughts on “The state of many colors: Rajasthan, on my wishlist

  1. Beautifully described post!! 🙂 Especially the food pics in the end were yumm!!
    Have never been to Rajasthan but it’s on my wishlist too 🙂

  2. The title of your post is perfect! The burst of colours in Rajasthan is something unmissable! And the food too… Rashmi your post brought back some pleasant memories! We wound up buying an extra luggage bag to bring back a hoard of stuff from Jaipur:)
    Great read Rashmi:)

    1. That’s great Divya; you must have found a treasure:) Given that your pics are always so good; I would love to see some pics of your trip!
      Thanks Divya as always for stopping by:)

  3. Rajasthan is one of my favourite destinations! 🙂
    The vibrance and hospitality is unmatched:) Been there plenty of times but still feel like going again! 🙂 be it the jungles of Ranthambore or the blue city of Jodhpur, or the golden dunes of Jaisalmer, it is one of the finest states in India.
    Hope you get to go there soon.

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