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Chennai: The charismatic coastal city of South India – Guest post

I am very excited to share my first guest post that I wrote for the Wild Book Company managed by the wonderful Lois Key.  It is a photo essay on my experience in the multifaceted city of Chennai.

True to its thriving cultural, economic and cosmopolitan nature, Chennai is multifarious.  While the city boasts of a flourishing software, healthcare and auto industry, it is equally well known for its fine arts, classical music and dance.  Popularly known as the “Gateway to South India”, the city offers a lot for every kind of traveler which is why it is not surprising that Chennai aka Madras is the 38th most visited city in the world!

P10 A scene at the beach

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14 thoughts on “Chennai: The charismatic coastal city of South India – Guest post

  1. Wow Congratulations on your first guest post Rashmi:)
    It’s a complete article for anyone who hasn’t visited Chennai…Although it’s temperatures become the most talked of, you’ve ensured that people discover its treasures…
    I remember the carts in Marina Beach and I love, love Saravana Bhavan!
    Thanks for this wonderful read:)

  2. Yes…Chennai is a vibrant city and one can never miss the aromatic so very well brewed ‘Kaapi’ (read filter coffee) and the ‘carnatic’ (classical) music at the sabhas during December! Beautiful pics in perfect harmony with the throbbing city Rashmi!

  3. We loved Chennai during our visits few years back for some work. Haven’t been able to make a properl exploring the city kind of travel. But we are so keen to explore all that is around Chennai too…

    1. Yes it is a great city; apart from the usual attractions there are a number of ‘untouristy’/unconventional places as well. These sure lend a unique dimension to the city.

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