Upcycling idea: Pair of old doors transformed to a rectangular two-tier table

Yet another post on an upcycling project, hope you have liked some of my previous projects listed under the “Decor Category”.

This was how the pair of doors looked ‘before’.



The transformation involved chopping off the doors at the bottom to discard the damaged edges at the end.  The reduced length was then used to build the two ‘tiers’ of the table and the ‘side covers’.  Additional support in the form of ‘triangular’ pieces of wood was provided on all four sides both at the top and bottom.  The red paint was scrapped, the surface smoothened and covered with a coat of black paint.



While the table looks good as a sturdy center piece it can also be used as a display unit in the corner.  Since the distance between the tiers are large, it is a great place to display or even stack a pile of books/magazines.   As it is made up of heavy solid wood and has an optimum height, it can be used occasionally in the study to write and store school/work bags underneath.

All in all, a multi-purpose piece!




Do you have any further ideas on how this piece can be put to better use? I would love to know.

6 thoughts on “Upcycling idea: Pair of old doors transformed to a rectangular two-tier table

  1. Hi Rashmi. Love your blog and the recycling ideas. I am renovating my house and will have cupboard doors left behind that the contractor does not want to reuse. Could you recommend a carpenter who could help me upcycle them? I would hate to throw them away.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Somya, thanks so much! So glad you liked my upcycling posts:) Actually the carpenter who did all this left for his native town and has been “not reachable” since then…I will mail you in case I find any alternate contact..

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