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Five Things to do Before you Move Home

Moving home is a big deal and it can be a stressful and complicated experience! However, if you do the following five things before you move, you can make things much easier on yourself. Read on to find out what they are. 

A new home is always exciting

Pack up your stuff 

First of all, before you move you will need to pack up all your stuff to take with you. There are several things to consider when packing your items including making sure anything delicate is wrapped well so it does not break during transportation. The good news is you can get all sorts of packing products including padding that you can use to wrap and cushion your items. 

Another important aspect of packing when you move out is to make sure you do not end up taking items you no longer need, as this can be a real waste of time and money. Instead, try and make time to declutter your possessions before you begin packing or at least have a box alongside your packing crate where you can put items that you no longer want so they can be donated. 

Find a new property 

You will need to find a new home before moving out of the old one if you can. Although sometimes rentals or home purchases do fall through leaving you practically un-homed. In this type of situation, you may wish to put your possessions into storage and then stay with family for a while. 

Alternatively, you could stay in a hotel, although this can be expensive. You may even wish to get a temporary rental which can be less disruptive to your normal life and give you time to find somewhere else. 

Clean and repair your old property 

Unless you are moving out of your home for the first time, one task you will have to do is clean and make repairs to your old property. Indeed, you will need to do this whether it is a rental or you have sold it as the new occupants will expect it to be clean and in good condition when they arrive. 

Pick a mover to work with 

The next task you will need to get done before you move is to pick a professional moving company to work with. If you are moving a long distance it’s best to go with a provider like Allied Van Lines as they have plenty of experience with this type of move. This means you can leave the logistics of making sure all your possessions get to your new property safely to them, which can make the experience of moving a great deal less stressful. 

Explore your new neighborhood 

Last of all, before you move it is a good idea to explore the new neighbourhood in which you will be living. Being familiar with the basic layout of things including where essential facilities like the shops, schools, and gym are can help you feel at home a lot faster. 

You may even want to introduce yourself to your neighbours too. A great way of doing this is to hold a gathering in your new home with food and drink, or you could visit them with a small gift to make that first introduction.

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