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Guest post: Spine Sense – Natural and Non-invasive

A strong back and spine is indispensable, more so during pregnancy and Chiropractic care can just be the answer to all back woes.

Guest Post by: Bindu Gopal Rao

Pic credit: Level Up
Pic credit: Level Up

Physical changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy is not just about a growing belly and morning sickness, but also back aches which can be very discomforting. With growing weight of the baby and the mother, these issues can be best handled by Chiropractic treatment which is a natural and non invasive way to deal with niggling pain in your body especially your back.

Hormonal Changes

Relaxin, a hormone produced during pregnancy to help loosen the joints and ligaments of the pelvis and prepare the body for birth also allows other joints and ligaments all over the body to stretch. Therefore, a pregnant woman feels a sense of looseness in her body that also causes pain. This is also a key cause for pregnant women develop back pain or sciatica which is a shooting pain that starts in the back and travels to the leg and into the foot. The loose ligaments cause the body’s center of gravity to be pulled forward by a growing baby which directly puts pressure on the pregnant woman’s lower back which is compounded by weight gain during pregnancy. Very often this is more discomforting as the woman is also dealing with many changed mental emotions during pregnancy and physical pain can be distressing. Hence the need for a natural pain relief solution is most required and this is when Chiropractic comes to the rescue. This is a gentle method to ease pain and can also help prevent them from happening in the first place. Dr. Prathap R Addageethala and Atlas Chiropractic & Wellness, Bangalore avers, “if you are tired of traditional routes to improve your health, Chiropractic is for you. After a thorough examination of your health, including your medical history, movement patterns and areas that are painful, a Chiropractor will use his or her hands to assess your spine. Using a quick, short thrust, he or she can eliminate areas of your spine that are not moving so well, and get your nervous system functioning better. The spine is a sensitive piece of your body, and a Chiropractor is expertly trained at handling any issues arising from there.”

Nerve Nuances

Because our nervous system is so important to our overall health, visiting a Chiropractor can help relieve pain and allow smooth movements back into the body. A Chiropractor is a trained medical doctor but not one who prescribes as many medicines as they are more interested in the function of the human body. In fact, they have over 200 techniques that they can be trained in and help you heal better without the use of medicines with harmful side effects, risky surgeries, and invasive injections. “The reason many methods fail to bring relief is because they are aimed at fixing the symptom. Think about it. You have a headache, you swallow a pain killer, and the headache goes away. Right? If you are like most people, the headache just returns after the effects of the pain killer wears off.  This is the most important way that Chiropractic helps. We aim at the root of the problem, not just the symptoms. If the source of the headache is taken care of not only will you feel better at that moment, but we also teach you how to prevent it from happening again,” avers Dr. Addageethala. And when you are an expecting mother, prevention is better than cure. So do not ignore pain in your back in pregnancy – a Chiropractor can help you deal with it naturally. Go ahead and enjoy a pain free pregnancy.

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