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Spring Diaries in Zurich: A Riot of Colour

Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is – Jessica Harrelson

Arguably one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, spring is all about colour, new beginnings and a sense of rejuvenation. Intrinsically associated with hope and life, spring literally sparks colour into everything. From fresh blooms to sunny skies, there is joy in the air and literally a ‘spring’ in everyone’s step!

While I have visited Zurich in the summer and have witnessed the city’s beauty in the autumn, this time the winter is just about ending and spring is in the air. The blooming flowers, green foliage, azure skies and the abundant sunshine makes this paradise look even prettier. Right from the fountains of the city to its roundabouts and sidewalks, there is a colour aplenty. Here are some captures.

Fountains decorated with flowers

The streets are literally bursting with cherry blossoms, pink and white and so is the grass which is bejeweled with a shower of tiny white and yellow flowers.

Cherry blossoms galore
Cherry blossoms galore
The grass is abuzz!

The flowers beds by the lakeside are a sight to behold.

Zurich lakeside

The roundabouts and sidewallks replete with tulips and daffodils are not to missed too!

And if you are a fan of shopping for flowers for your home to usher in the spirit of spring, the innumerable ‘blumen’ stores are a haven!

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8 thoughts on “Spring Diaries in Zurich: A Riot of Colour

  1. The article is as beautiful as Spring.
    The photographs are feast for the eyes.
    The Title “A RIOT OF COLOUR” is very graceful.

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