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Rapperswil: of Rose Gardens and much more

Often referred to as “Switzerland’s city of Roses”, Rapperswil is an utterly beautiful town in Switzerland just over 25 km from Zurich. Easily accessible by rail, boat and train, Rapperswil forms for a perfect day trip from Zuich.

Rapperswil Rose Gardens

Replete with Medieval buildings and a beautiful waterfront, Rapperswil town forms a perfect idea for a trip with family and friends. The lake promenade is a great place to unwind while watching the birds and ships go by!

Medieval town of Rapperswil
Medieval style buildings in Rapperswil

Unarguably, the most important attraction of the town are the resplendent Rose Gardens which consists of close to 16,000 rose bushes in the vicinity of the Capuchin monastery in the old town. The flower is extremly significant and is intrinsically associated with the town. In fact, the coat of arms of the House of Rapperswil shows three roses. Dating back decades, these rose gardens are being visited by enthusiastic tourists and locals since the early 1900s. Stunning colours, vivd shapes and sizes make the gardens a compelling sight. Here are some pics:

Rose Gardens of Rapperswil

The rose gardens are sandwiched between the lake and vine gardens and are located at the foothills of the castle. There is also a garden for the visually disabled wherein the roses are highly fragrant and the names are on
Braille boards.

Rapperswil Rose Gardens: A riot of colours
Rapperswil Rose Gardens: A riot of colours

Other attractions in the town include the castle and Polish museum both situated atop a hill and also in the old town.

View of the Polish museum in Rapperswil
A view of the rose gardens from the castle in Rapperswil

The town has a beautiful waterfront and boasts of one of the largest wooden bridges in the country. A stroll along the bridge while indulging in some bridwatching is a perfect way to end your trip.

Wooden bridge in Rapperswil
Birds galore

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