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Colgate magical stories: Power of Story Telling

When was the last time your child told you a story?

When I was asked this question, it got me thinking. It has been a while indeed and also with new age children, there is a big challenge in keeping their imagination ignited. With limited concentration spans and even limited novelty factor, there is a need for a new story every day.

Naturally, when I stumbled upon the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs, I was quite smitten by the colorful images of several sea creatures and trivia associated with them. In fact children can actually cut out the images and play with them, while letting their imagination run wild by making up stories on their own. The four interesting themes namely, Treasure Hunt, Pirate Ship, Coral Reefs and a Magical Mermaid with more than 15 sea world characters, ensure you have enough and more stories to narrate.

Image courtesy: http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc

It is truly a fantastic idea by Colgate which ensures you have a great way to spend time with your children while giving wings to their imagination. Story telling is a great tool to fuel a child’s imagination and creativity while being an effective way to keep the child entertained as well.  The theme of using sea world characters is good fun as it has an aura of something that is unknown and mystical. It truly appeals to children.  The underwater world has always been somewhat of an unknown sphere and storytelling becomes a great medium to delve into the unknown!

And what better way than spending time with your children by encouraging them to tell you stories while they learn. Yes, the interesting facts of these sea creatures are an eye opener to children and parents alike. Well, sample this –  Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and can change it colour quickly?  Did you know that lion fish are dangerous as their needle like spine and teeth can poison you? Did you know that sea turtles can grow upto 300 kg in weight? Well this is exactly the kind of wealth of information I found in the pack. Now this is certainly infotainment at its best.

In fact coming to think of it, stories that you have heard as a child are etched in your memory forever. Perhaps it is just the memory associated with the story that adds to the charm and the recall value is immense.

Further, the power of story telling cannot be over emphasized. It not only helps the child become more creative but also increases his/her desire to read.  As you get more interested in stories, it is a natural tendency to read more.  This is much more than any parent could ask for!

Certainly a winning proposition from Colgate, the leader in oral health care.  Using Colgate regularly certainly ensures the best protection from germs and plaque.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the new Colgate Strong Teeth packs and unleash the imagination of your child.  Childhood memories are the fondest so go ahead and make the best memories with your children – your stories matter the most!

Image courtesy: http://www.colgate.co.in/en/in/oc



8 thoughts on “Colgate magical stories: Power of Story Telling

  1. The artistry of whimsical folk tales brought alive by your lovely post Rashmi and the ingenuity of a respectable brand such as Colgate to think out of the box motivating the kids to flights of fantasy are well exhibited here. The umpteen story telling nights to our children when they are young ,do make them to stay alive in their make believe world full of fanciful characters and have a long shelf life.

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