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Paper Boat Drinks: Sweet taste and sweeter memories

Paper boat

While I am not such a fan of packaged food and processed drinks, “Paper boat” packaged drinks are pleasantly different.  Offered in a variety of indigenous flavors, the drinks come in an extremely attractive packing.  Bereft of any artificial preservatives and flavors, these drinks come in unique and well-thought of flavors that bring back happy memories of our childhood and conjure images of the good old days gone by.  Not to mention, the flavors and tastes are distinct and authentic. The drinks which contain only nature identical flavoring are offered in the following varieties :

Anar (Pomegranate)

Chilled rasam (a tangy combination of tomato and tamarind among other flavors)

Jal Jeera (a combination of cumin and other spices)

Aamras (Mango)

Tulsi tea (Tulsi is a variety of Basil)

Kokum (Mangosteen)

Jamun (Black plum)

Aam panna (Green mango)

Golgappe (a sweet-sour combination of spices)

The creative multiple layered pouch makes it really convenient to carry especially on flights and long journeys. It is a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy a trip down memory lane!

paper boat box


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  1. These would be perfect for both myself and my little one! I will have to see if I can purchase them in the states. Thanks so much for the review!

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