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Photoessay: Autumn in Zurich – Postcards, Vignettes and more…

Arguably the most beautiful season of the year, autumn is synonymous with change. Nature’s splash of brown, rust, ochre, mustard, orange, red and chestnut during this time is indeed a treat for the eyes. With leaves changing colour and slowly falling off and temperatures dropping, it is a time to create those warm, hygge vibes indoors. Curling up in a corner with a cup of hot chocolate amidst the subtle aroma of pumpkin spice candles is all about a perfect autumn evening. While we do have a short autumn season in India which also coincides with the festive season, autumn abroad especially in the US and Europe is about the gorgeous fall foliage and of course pumpkins. Given that I am in Zurich this year, I had a chance to take some fascinating captures of this wonderful season.

A view of Zurich in Autumn

The trees awashed in yellow, orange, red and even pink are an utterly beautiful sight.

The vignettes set up in and outside stores and homes are straight out of a fairy tale and the perfect inspiration for any decor enthusiast.

Autumn vignettes

What is autumn without pumpkins? So, here goes…

The carpet created by the fallen leaves is stunning to say the least.

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