Deepavali: a time for sweets and their signs

Happy Diwali to all my readers:)

It is the time for celebration, fun and gifting and of course eating sweets.  Sweets today are much more than the traditional yet good old “besan ladoos”, “gulab jamoons” and “soan papdi”.  Now, you have a whole lot of fancy, well curated gourmet chocolates, ‘creative’ sweetmeats handcrafted with speciality ingredients and loads of interesting as well as tasty concoctions wanting you ask for more.  Here are some of the delectable sweets with their ‘significance’ that I happened to taste this season.

The rose-scented fig baklava; this delicately crafted treat is wrapped in a kataifi crust and signifies longevity.  Figs are supposed to be a symbol of strength and long life.


Dark chocolate truffle with nutmeg; this ‘melt in your mouth’ creation is associated with happiness.


Saffron and ivory chocolate truffle; a sign of good fortune.  Crimson saffron threads are a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.


Iranian pistachio medallion; this speciality is infused with edible gold and symbolizes good luck.  The color of gold is associated with success and triumph.


So wishing you good luck, prosperity, happiness and longevity this season!!!!

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