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Brides in Vogue – Bridal Outfit and Styling Trends

The new age bride is all things new – bold, beautiful, classy, edgy, and non-conformist yet knows her traditions.

Over the years, bridal styling trends have undergone a remarkable evolution. From the era of naively
dressed brides to the present, where brides embrace and showcase their values, likes, and cultural
influences with pride, the transformation is striking. The focus has shifted from being swayed by
fleeting fads to celebrating craftsmanship and embracing quality. Today’s brides are not merely chasing trends; they seek meaningful expression through their bridal attire, finding a perfect harmony between cultural roots and personal identity. This beautiful journey of self-discovery and authenticity has redefined
bridal trousseau.

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High profile weddings and even higher profile brides have grabbed headlines for their sartorial fashion choices. Naturally, they set new standards for to be brides who are all set to up the ante as far as their all-important wedding costumes are concerned on their big day. Here are some wedding trends that new age brides are likely to follow this year.

Colour Cues

Today’s bride is not afraid of experimenting with out of the box colors for her wedding trousseau. So, think pastel shades, bright blues, orange and neon greens that have replaced the traditional reds that were once the norm. Monochromes will also rule the year and layering with shades of the same colour will be in.

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Trendy Cuts

The wedding garments are also changing in terms of their form from being traditionally designed to have several contemporary touches in terms of the cuts and styles. Most wedding lehangas are also coming with two dupattas, one heavy and one more sheer.  The cuts themselves are becoming bolder and more stylized as brides are quite keen on ensuring their wedding images are Instagram worthy. Likewise blouses are also changing and making a fashion statement whether they are skin hued or embellished or come with sexy back cuts they continue to grab eyeballs. Gowns with asymmetrical designs and even polka dots are set to rule bridal wear.

Pic credit: Itchha Talreja

Personality Matters

Brides are completely getting involved in the design process of their wedding wear and are ensuring their voices are heard. This makes sure the garment is bespoke and several brides are also getting important names and milestones embroidered into their wedding garments. After all the most important day of their life needs the memories of the most important people etched in a way that is completely custom made.

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Heritage Calling

Brides are going back to their roots and choosing traditional fabrics like Banaras, Kanjeevaram and even Chikankaari that are being reinterpreted in a contemporary manner that merges the old and new quite seamlessly. The key of course is to use fabrics that are traditionally associated with weddings but styled with new age vibes.

Pic credit: Ekta Shah


Wedding jewellery is becoming heavier for the main day with chunky chokers, statement earrings, maang tikkas, stacked bangles, polki neckpieces or matha pathis that make a statement. The bride is also opting for a combination of different kinds of jewelry for different functions sticking to lighter designs when her garments are more embellished.

Pic credit: Ekta Shah – House of Eekkta

Trousseau Mix

The new age bride believes that her wedding is all about celebrating herself and naturally it is not about sarees and lehangas only. The wedding trousseau includes a mix of cocktail dresses, gowns, trouser lehangas, draped jacket gown, sharara’s and saree dresses to explore myriad fashion sensibilities and the new age bride is not one to shy away from them.

Pic credit: Ekta Shah – House of Eekkta

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