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Temple markets: a kaleidoscope of zeal, vibrancy and effervescence

Small yet sustainable, little shops and establishments that mushroom around temples in India are one of the most lively markets you can ever find. They are a melange of energy, color and life.  Bustling with hectic activity and teeming with people, they showcase the many flavors of our diversity, culture and traditions.

Here are some random captures:


From flowers to footwear, jewelry to jackets you can shop for just about anything here.  The items of worship are the essentials you will always find.



Items of worship including incense sticks, coconuts, vermilion, lamps and fruits taken as offerings inside temples.
There is a tradition to offer even salt and whole pepper in some temples

Flowers are of course the soul of these markets.



Ghee aka clarified butter candles also sold alongside flowers

Native handicrafts and some traditional wares are hot favorites too.




Traditional toys and moulds

Trinkets, junk jewelry and knick-knacks




Something to lure the kids with after having lugged them along the seemingly never-ending, circuitous queues to the insides of the templeDSC09263

Refreshments and food can never be far behind

Lemonade and jaljeera, anyone!?!
Local fruits and condiments

All in all, something for everyone!!!


You can even get your name engraved on a grain of rice, a paid service!

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25 thoughts on “Temple markets: a kaleidoscope of zeal, vibrancy and effervescence

  1. The explosion of colour & the aroma of fresh flowers is a treat to the soul! Thank you for this photo essay Rashmi! You’ve captured the essence perfectly:)
    This brought back some fond memories from Sringeri. There’s an uppinkai & sandige angadi outside the temple complex, hidden amid other shops and it’s owner makes the best Midi Mavinkayi Pickle! We brought back plenty with us:)

    1. Oh houda; I hope to check it out sometime. But yes, a lot of the stuff you get in these markets is tough to find anywhere else.
      Thanks Divya, glad you liked the post:)

  2. Your very colorful display of merchandise gave me a very good impression of what it is like to visit an Indian market place. I was a bit surprised to read that you can get your name engraved on a grain of rice. Wow!

  3. I am a big fan of markets at any place and the ones outside temples have a distinct flavour. They are great spots for people watching too! 🙂 You and me share a love for markets 🙂

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