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Sculptural splendour: Chandramouleshwara temple, Hubli

Home to a number of magnificent ancient temples, south India is a delight for the traveler with a penchant for history, culture and architecture. One such beautiful temple is the  Chandramouleshwara temple in Hubli.  About 900 years old, this temple belongs to the Badami Chalukyan era.  Located close to the Unkal lake in the city, the temple is a protected monument under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites (Act (1958)) by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).DSCN2902


Dedicated to Lord Shiva also known as Chandramouleshwara, the temple houses two Lingas.  The main shrine has four entrances in four directions.  The other linga is known as Chaturmukha Lings or the four faced lings.


With pillars made up of black granite stone, the temple is an example of fine Chalukyan temple architecture.  The decorated exterior and ceiling  exhibit some exemplary craftsmanship.



The carvings and sculptures on the outer walls are truly noteworthy making this a prized architectural monument.  They are detailed, intricate and simply stunning.




The exquisite and superlative creations just seemed like poetry on stone to me.




However, a major portion of the temple is damaged and is in need of urgent conservation and restoration. There are neither proper approach roads nor boards leading to this phenomenal monument.  While efforts are on, the pace is a tad slow.  A more dedicated approach is required to restore the temple to its former glory.


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Hubli is located at a distance of about 400km from Bangalore and easily accessible by air, rail and road.

30 thoughts on “Sculptural splendour: Chandramouleshwara temple, Hubli

  1. Architectural marvel it is, pathetic that we can’t even preserve them!

    That’s a great analogy you’ve made, that of the work looking like poetry on the stone.

  2. What an elaborate temple, so much detailed work was undertaken during its construction. Even though you tell us that it needs major restoration, it is still a fine example. Thank you Rashmi for introducing me to it.

  3. Splendid Achitecture,On seeing pictures/photos wecan observe that maintainance is poor. Such architectural treasure shuld be maintained and kept as it represents the culture and history which should be known to future generations.

  4. How beautiful! Rashmi, thank you sharing such amazing treasures from our country…I’m in awe of the intricate art & architecture!
    Sorry about the late response…have not been as active on wordpress owing to post vacation blues!! 🙂 Getting back to it:)

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