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Gorgeous Grasmere: a slice of the old world charm

Bewitchingly beautiful and absolutely angelic, Lake District is one of the most picturesque and popular destinations in England.  With a plethora of things to do and see, our trip to this wonderful mountainous region ranks as one of my most memorable holidays.  Among the splendid places we visited, the garden village of Grasmere, however, remains my favorite.


Elegant and sublime, the idyllic environs of Grasmere had me truly captivated.


Described by William Wordsworth as one of the most beautiful places, Grasmere is extremely popular with tourists and is home to a number of cafes, pubs and quaint shops.  I particularly loved the colorful stores selling some of the most exquisite and attractive garden accessories.




Grasmere, is of course, most famous for the fact that it was once the home of the renowned poet William Wordsworth for about fourteen years.  Dove cottage which is the name of his 17th century home, that he shared with his sister Dorothy Wordsworth, lies on the outskirts of Grasmere and is one of the most visited places in Lake District.  It is a place of great literary significance, in that, it was here that several of his timeless master pieces including “Ode to Duty” were penned.  The impeccably maintained house and the adjoining museum are a ‘must visit’ if you are a fan of classic English literature.  The grave of William Wordsworth lies in the premises of Grasmere’s St. Oswald’s Church.

Dove Cottage
Dove Cottage

Our last stop at Grasmere was at The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop which sells one of the most delectable versions of gingerbread.  Started by Sarah Nelson in 1854, this delicious creation is a unique spicy-sweet cross between a biscuit and cake.  Today, Grasmere Gingerbread is a registered trademark and the recipe is a ‘top secret’ that is passed down verbally through the generations.  In fact, the original recipe is supposed to be housed in the secure confines of a bank vault! Their souvenir shop is equally attractive and worth a visit.


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32 thoughts on “Gorgeous Grasmere: a slice of the old world charm

  1. Everywhere has a story, but this place looks like it emerged from a storybook! The views are breathtaking and you captured the essence of this place beautifully. Thanks for sharing another lovely post Rashmi. 🙂

    1. Yes Indrani, it is really one of the most serene places in England. Also a great place to do the English literature trail, if you are a fan of it!

  2. You brought back so many good memories, Rashmi! I absolutely loved Windermere and Grasmere, so quaint and gorgeous! Daffodils were in bloom when I was there, so I could quote Wordsworth at his grave “I wandered lonely as a cloud” 🙂 Great post!

  3. What a lovely place – your photos and descriptions really make me want to visit Grasmere! I’d particularly like to taste that gingerbread.

  4. wowow and what a plonker i am , I live in UK and I have not been to this place .. right come summer holidays I am going there for sure …

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