Reshma Chhabria: an innate love for design and accessories

For someone who has been enamoured by homes, the nitty-gritty of design and the idea of beautifying spaces since childhood, it is no surprise that the design entrepreneurial journey of Reshma Chhabria has been both fulfilling and fascinating.   Having worked in the field of interior design for 14 years, Reshma is the founder of House to Home (HIIH), a bespoke decor brand of designer artifacts which seamlessly blends the eclectic aesthetics of Indian craft with the Japanese principles of minimalism, clean lines and impeccable finishes. 

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Design: a passion from childhood

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As a child accompanying my father to sites where he used to repair dams and bridges was one of my favourite activities.   While it may seem unrelated to design but being on the site, reading those structures and imagining how homes and buildings were built were aspects that really brought me closer to design.  As I grew older, I realised that what goes on inside a space is what drives me. I had the irresistible urge to improve spaces and correct everything that I did not like” says 42-year-old Reshma who studied interior design at P.V. Polytechnic at Juhu, Mumbai. 

Pic credit Reshma Chhabria, H2H

Reshma then went on to work with renowned architects like Shaukat Mukhi as well as Pronit Nath before starting her own boutique design practice, where she began designing accessories.  “Accessorizing is critical to bring in a unique character and add a personal touch to any space.  It was a revelation when clients preferred to shop for accessories from Italy or China as they felt that Indian artisans could not bring in the same finish.  But with my association with Indian artisans, I was truly happy and excited to prove them wrong” adds Reshma whose accessories have helped elevate the style quotient of her clients’ spaces.

Pic credit Reshma Chhabria, H2H

The Japan Connection

Reshma had a chance to move to Japan in 2015 and this was when she considered converting her passion for accessories into a business. In Japan, she learnt the language and worked with local artisans which inspired and influenced her to create brand HIIH.  “Both India and Japan are countries that are extremely proud of their heritage and boast of a rich culture.  HIIH attempts to leverage on the skills of artisans from both regions to create a range of exclusive products that amalgamate designs and materials that are essentially Indian but have the Japanese touch in terms of sophisticated yet subtle finishing” quips Reshma who firmly believes that ‘Indian’ is not always synonymous with ‘traditional’ and that Indian craft can be reimagined for contemporary interiors.

Pic credit Reshma Chhabria, H2H

HIIH which started in 2015 with just 22 products has more than 800 products today and this includes tableware, candleholders, pottery, sculptures, vases and planters crafted by both Indian and Japanese artisans.  “For furniture and rugs, HIIH has collaborated with fashion designer Vikram Phadnis.  For linen, Wendell Rodrick’s home collection has bed and bath linen with soft pastels which are so Japanese in their approach that it seemed like the most natural association for us” says Reshma who launched a bigger experiential store at Mumbai’s Raghuvanshi Mills earlier this year.  All products at HIIH are handcrafted from natural materials that are locally available with a firm focus on quality and attention to detail.  Sporting a distinctively global appeal, each product of HIIH reflects a perfect synthesis of Indian and Japanese sensibilities in terms of both form and function.

Pic credit Reshma Chhabria, H2H

With a penchant for experimentation and a desire to try out something new each day. Reshma plans to expand HIIH to more cities in the near future with the ultimate goal of making it a global brand.  Nature inspired designs, bold, mood driven spaces, large statement as well as personalized accessories are some of the design trends for 2023 according to this enterprising entrepreneur. 

Pic credit Reshma Chhabria, H2H

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